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Hero System

Some friends and I want to get into the Hero System game and I was wondering what books were necessary to play and what additional ones people would reccomend.
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Pick up the core book (big and black with green text on the cover) and you're set. Anything else you pick up is just gravy.
Certainly the corebook can do anything within the purview of the HERO system.

But if you're learning it, or just don't have the time to do it all yourself, the other books you buy depend on what you want to use the system for.

For super heroes, the must have book is the UNTIL Superpowers Database. Even if you never make a character with any of the powers in that book, it's an invaluable collection of examples on how to build powers in HERO.

Likewise, I suspect Gadgets & Gear does the same for equipment, and I understand The Ultimate Martial Artist offers even more-detailed combat options. If you're doing fantasy, say, the Fantasy HERO Grimoire's probably a good choice.

Once you get the system down, HERO'll roll over and do whatever you want. Getting to that point can be pretty frustrating, IMO.